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  • 22 February 2023

Ash Wednesday Mass procession at Maula Cathedral

Fr Louis Chikanya proclaiming the Gospel

His Grace George Tambala delivering the homily

The Catholic church across the world has started a 40 days period of lent with Ash Wednesday.

In the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, His Grace Archbishop George Desmond Tambala presided over the Ash Wednesday Mass in Maula Cathedral.

In his homily, the Archbishop appealed to the congregation to consider areas which they have wandered to by citing Mark 5 which talks of a demon possessed man who was destroying himself. He urged the congregants to free themselves from demon possessions and return to God and he asked the faithful to let go all their burdens to Christ during the Lenten period by reminding them to show mercy to one another.

However, His Grace echoed Jesus Christ order to do charity work, prayer and fasting without trumpeting.

The readings were taken from the Prophet Joel Chapter 2 from verses 12 up to 18, 2 Corinthians chapter 5 from verses 20 to Chapter 6 from verse 1 to 2 and Mathew chapter 6 from verses 1 to 6 then 16 to 18.

Lenten period is a period when Christians commemorate the suffering of Jesus Christ, and at the same time commit themselves to repentance.

The Vicar General, Fr Vincent Mwakhwawa giving ashes to His Grace

His Grace giving ashes to the priests

One of the faithful receiving ashes from His Grace