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  • 1 August 2022

Catholic Women Organisation participated at the Min Synod launch


Representatives of groups received candles and salt at the launch


Synod Commission Chairperson, Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa making his remarks at the launch of the Min Synod


Synod Commissioners

Fr. Louis Chikanya, 30 July, 2022

Archbishop George Desmond Tambala, of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe on 30th July, 2022 launched an Archdiocesan Min Synod which will run for one year. The Synod is themed, discerning with the Holy Spirit. The Archbishop calls all stakeholders to walk together, to work together and to discern together with the Holy Spirit.

The Archbishop has called for the Min Synod to make a consultation with all the groups in the Archdiocese to look at the Pastoral, Liturgical, Finance and Investment and Social Development issues.


      1. Synod Chairperson:                                Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa
      2. Pastoral Coordinator:                            Fr. James Mkwezalamba
      3. Financial Administrator:                      Mr. Alfred Ngalande
      4. Diocesan Council of Priests:                Fr. Innocent Mtapaonga
      5. Association of Women Rel. in Mw:   Sr. Veronica Ng’omba
      6. Association of Men Rel. in Mw:          Br. Francis Jumbe
      7. Chairperson of Laity Council:             Mr. Gabriel Kamlomo
      8. Chairperson of C.W.O.:                          Mrs. Christine Lupiya
      9. Chairperson of C.M.O.:                                  Mr. Ignatius Chadwala
      10. Catholic Professionals:                                   Dr. Henry Chingaipe


Liturgical dancing girls at the Synod Launch


Deans of Deaneries at the launch of the Min Synod


Clergy at the launching Mass for the Min Synod


Catholic Men at the launching Mass for the Min Synod

His Grace lead the liturgy at the launch


Likuni Parish Choir lead the singing at the Min Synod launch


Rev. Sisters in attendance of the Min Synod launch


His Grace commissioning a representative of the Men Religious


His Grace commissioning the representative of the laity

His Grace invoking God’s blessings on the congregation at the launch of the Min Synod