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  • 26 September 2022

The 45th parish in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe has been opened. Archbishop George Tambala opened the 45th parish of Maula deanery on 17th September, 2022. St. Anthony of Padua parish was created from St. Andrea Kaggwa parish of area 49.

In his homily, the Bishop urged all the parishioners to belong to this new parish. He advised against the habit of going out from one’s domicile parish to serve in another parish. He spoke against calling other Christians visitors and therefore, not deserving any leadership position. He called this, paganism.

Fr. Regis Kamela was installed as the new parish priest for the new parish of St. Anthony of Padua parish in area 25. The parish has about three thousand Christians and about 200 catechumens.


The new parish priest, Fr. Regis Kamela enthroned

Fr. Regis Kamela

Catholic Men bringing gifts to the Archbishop

The Archbishop at the function

Catholic Men at the parish taking part in the celebration


Catholic Women happy to receive the new parish of St. Anthony of Padua

Mass for the opening of the new parish at St. Anthony in area 25


His Grace George Tambala blessing the church at St. Anthony of Padua Parish, 17 September, 2022

St. Anthony Church, area 25

The parish church

The Archbishop at the opening of the new parish of St. Anthony of Padua, area 25