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“Serve people with hospitality,” Marianist Brothers Urged As They Live Their Consecrated Lives

  • 14 May 2024

The Marianist brothers have been asked to live their consecrated life in earnest to serve the people with hospitality while emulating the life of Christ.

Father Steven Wanyoike, who is the Regional Superior for the Marianist community in the region of Eastern Africa said this on Monday at Chaminade Marianist secondary school in Lilongwe during the opening of the Marianist brothers’ house.

Fr. Wanyoike said the brothers living in the house should know that the house that they will be living in is consecrated and has to be treated with the reverence it deserves.

He said as Marianist community they are also grateful to have been given an opportunity in the archdiocese of to help in serving God’s people.

“This house which has been consecrated today should be treated with special care because it is body of Christ. They need to serve the people who have been entrusted to them with hospitality and due diligence for them to meet God in various aspects of their lives,” Fr Wanyoike said.

“In a special way, I thank the leadership of the archdiocese of Lilongwe for allowing us through their mentorship and allowing us to work in supporting God’s people in educating people to become useful citizens,” he added.

In his remarks, one of the brothers serving at Chaminade Marianist Secondary School, Brother Duncan Onyango said the opening of this house shall make lives of people of God happy as they serve Him.

“I am so excited with the opening of the is house of the Marianists. My brother friends dedicated our lives for Mary and Christ Jesus. We shall serve the people with the much-needed hospitality so that they find Jesus in our community. So, I urge all people to patronise our place and find Jesus here,” Bro. Onyango said.

The Marianist family was founded by William Joseph Chaminade in 1817 and it is spread all over the world as they look up to Mary as a model of faith and spirituality.

In Malawi, the Marianist brothers founded Chaminade Secondary School and Miracle skills training Centre in Karonga and Chaminade Marianist Secondary School in Lilongwe.

The house has been built with help from well-wisher, the family of Symon from Korea.

Reported by Alex Nasoni

Photo Credit: Titus Jata Phiri