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  • 27 September 2022

Staff Writer

Radio Alinafe this year has clocked 20 since it began broadcasting. The Radio was established to respond to the invitation of the Bishops during the Special Assembly of the Bishops of Africa in 1994 to make use of the instruments of communications to spread the Good News.

Radio Alinafe started from the very humble ‘studio’, the Bishop’s garage. It was on 14 March, 2002, on Thursday, at 19:00 during Lenten season. Gradually, with support from well wishers, under the leadership of late Fr. Gabriel Jana, who led the taskforce help started to flow and the old building, which used to house the studios changed shape.

During the 20 years it has been broadcasting programmes, the Radio has changed the lives of many people with its educative, informative and inspirational programmes of Catholic Catechism, health, agriculture, environment, etc.

In his homily, during the thanksgiving Mass, Rt. Rev. Montfort Sitima, of the Diocese of Mangochi, who is also Chair for the Communications and Research department in the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) urged the media, especially Radio Alinafe to bring impact in the society to change the mind set, and to convert listeners.


Bishop Montfort Sitima, presided over the thanksgiving Mass

In his speech, the Director of the Radio, Fr. Louis Chikanya unveiled the vision and plans of the Radio. The Radio has the vision to establish the new national commercial radio station to widen the broadcasting area to reach many listeners.

Some of the Station’s objectives include:

(i) evangelisation,

(ii) fostering justice and peace,

(iii) offering a forum for the audience to debate on issues that affect their lives

(iv) promoting Catholic choirs.

(V) we also train students of journalism in practical experience.

Currently, the Station is served by few permanent staff and 35 volunteers; it broadcasts 24/7.


Bishop Sitima and Radio Alinafe Director with the awardees in different categories


St. Andrea Chilota Choir of St. Kizito Parish led the singing at the thanksgiving Mass


Mtima Woyera deanery choir entertained the audience


Radio Alinafe studios


Where the studio started in 2002