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  • 14 June 2021

Carmelite Sisters with Monsignor Thawale

Sam Kalimba

NAMITETE 12th June, 2021: The Archdiocesan Administrator of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe the Very Reverend Fr. Patrick Thawale has urged priests and the Religious to live what he called the rule of life, love. He made his advice in his homily made on the occasion of Mass for the first vows, final vows and Silver Jubilee for some Carmelite Sisters at the St. Peter Namitete Parish on 12th June 2021.

“show to everyone and sell your God given product of being in Christ. This does not imply that you live as an Angel. You are still human but a special one for that matter. Love is key to your life. Be happy Sisters in order to share the same happiness with whosoever comes in contact with you. Radiate the joy of being a follower of Christ,” advised Fr. Thawale.

He further unpacked the meaning of faith as being knowing and believing without necessarily expecting a receiving. He said that faith comes with spiritual wisdom and knowledge. He told the people of God to cultivate the values of self-reliance and self-discipline if at all they are to move with their mission and faith.

Fr. Thawale did not miss words in mentioning the fact that to work for Christ will always have some challenges that only those with strong faith will survive.

“You meet challenges, I urge you to face all trials and challenges head on for they will keep you stronger. Sorrows keep you human enough. Accept failure for it will keep you humble. Humility is key to success. Success keeps you glowing. However, let your success be beneficial to others. When others benefit from your success it pleases God. Only God keeps you going. When working for God don’t forget Him who sent you in His vineyard,” counselled Fr. Thawale.

Novice Malania Kavina made her first professions to chastity, obedience and poverty for one year while Sisters Florence Sitima and Esther Banda made the same vows for life. Sister Bernadette Malomo was during the same Mass celebrating her 25 years as a Carmelite nun.