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Mlale Seminary receives support

  • 19 July 2021

By Sam Kalimba

Saint Paul’s Minor Seminary of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lilongwe received a donation of teaching and learning materials on Saturday 10 July, 2021. T

The donation was made by St. Paul’s (Mlale) Seminary Alumni Association which is composed of ex-seminarians and Priests who went through the seminary since its inception in 1963.

Speaking as he received the donation, the Rector of the Seminary Rev. Fr. Peter Kapiri expressed gladness to the association and the seminary’s duty boundedness to ensure that the materials are well taken care of.

“It is a great honor to receive the timely donation of books at a time that the Seminary needed them. With changes in syllabi, we tend to shed-off a good number of books without an immediate plan to replace them. Learners relied on few books but with this donation we feel relieved. On behalf of the pupils and members of staff, I thank the Alumni Association for fulfilling what they had pledged,” said Fr. Kapiri.

Chairperson for the Alumni Association of Saint Paul Seminary Mr. Joseph Diele thanked members of the association for making the donation possible from their personal contributions.

“Most members of the Alumni Association are married and for them to take part of their small earnings to contribute towards this cause is a sign of sacrifice from them and their spouses. I personally thank them all for their contribution.  I also thank priests who are members of the association for contributing as alumni as this is a sign of humility and a spirit of togetherness,” said Diele.

According to Diele, the Association donated books in science and literature subjects as per recommendation by the  Rector who made during the 2021 annual general meeting where  he was present as a guest. He said that individual members and cohorts are further mobilizing more resources for the same exercise.

In 2020, the Alumni Association assisted the Seminary with Covid19 response materials.

At present, the Seminary has a maximum capacity of 250 learners with a single stream for Forms 2 to 4 and double stream for Form 1.