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  • 9 July 2021

Sam Kalimba

A 29-year-old Church building that was expanded 15 years ago can no longer host the 17, 000 Christians that Kaggwa Woyera Catholic Parish has grown to be as per 2013 census. “This is the very basic reason a new, magnificent and towering church building needs to be constructed across the Kaunda road,” says Mr. Emmanuel Mwase the incumbent Vice Chairperson of the Parish.

According to Mwase, in order to fulfil the dream, the Parish engaged some fundraising activities from the first half of the year 2021 that has seen the project acquiring start up 20 tonnes of quarry dust, 20 tonnes of river sand and 100 bags of cement raised from pledges. He also said that from the same resources raised the land that will host the new building was cleared in readiness for the start of the construction.

On 7th June 2021, the Parish Priest for the Catholic Parish of Kaggwa Woyera Rev. Fr. Constantine Mgunda with one of his curates, Fr. Gerald Kubetcha launched a raffle draw fundraising activity that seeks to raise over MK25, 000,000.00 in the last half of the year 2021.

“We are giving away a 30 x 15-meter residential plot at Mthunzi Heritage near Lilongwe MDF Air base as first prize while unregistered Mitsubishi half toner truck is the second prize with a defy 4 coil-cooker is the third prize. We urge not only Catholics to participate in this raffle draw but even non-Catholics should join in not only for the purpose of winning the prizes but for the sole reason to help build the house of the Lord,” said Fr. Mgunda.

Dr. Elvis Salagi, the Church Council Chairperson who is also steering the raffle draw said that all the prize items had been procured procedurally and that it is only change of ownership that awaits the winners come December 2021.

“Let me assure the

Fr. Mgunda (C) with some of the Parishioners

prospective owners of these items that they will own virgin properties. They will have to register them under their own names. All what they have to do is to buy a ticket pegged at MK2,000.00 only for them to own the properties,” said Salagi during the official launch of the competition.

Kaggwa Woyera Parish is situated to the north of Bingu National Stadium and currently has 10 outstations with over 200 Small Christian Communities. It was founded by the Friars of Capuchin Missionary in 1992 and from 2015 it was handed over to the local ordinary of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lilongwe.