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  • 9 April 2023

By Eric Norman Mkwaira

Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe His Grace George Desmond Tambala has emphasized the need for the laity to put orders whenever they do their tasks.

The emphasis came at the Eucharistic celebration of Easter Sunday which was held at Banja Loyera Chilinde Parish in Lilongwe on 09th April 2023.

His Grace led the Eucharistic Celebration where he among others asked the faithful to take a good example of what happened when Jesus rose from the dead.

His Grace Mentioned that there was order of doing things by then as he gave an example of Mary Magdalene who witnessed first that the tomb of Jesus was empty but did not enter but instead, she went back to tell the disciples about it.

His Grace asked the congregation to follow orders whether at the church or in their families.

Archbishop George Tambala delivering the homily to the congregation

However, His Grace George Tambala told the congregation that they should share the gospel of the resurrection of Jesus Christ to other people rather than keeping it to themselves.

His Grace, further, invited the people of God to consider celebrating the resurrection together with their families and to not forget to keep the gospel amidst themselves.

The Parish Priest for Banja Loyera parish, Fr Augustine Katundu together with Fr Francis Bisayi co-celebrated the Mass while the Banja Loyera Joint Choir led the singing during the liturgy.

Fr. Augustine Katundu co-celebrating the 


Fr Francis Bisayi read the gospel of John 20 verse 1 to 19 while Ms. Anne Mandala read the first readings of Colossians 3 verse 1 to 4 and Mr. Elias Lazaro gave second readings of Acts of the Apostles 10 verse 34a to 37 and 43a.